At Sunvalley Tire providing quality service is important to us and we offer a full tire service in every area. Whether you need a lawn mower tire, passenger tire, light truck tire, farm or heavy equipment tire, or camper tire, we service and sell your tire needs.

And when you can’t bring your equipment to us, we can bring our mobile tire service to you.


  • When you can’t come to us, we will come to you. we have expert staff trained to provide on the spot tire repair and service. Whether you are on the field or construction site, we can get you on your way.

    Mobile Service

  • We can make your old rims look like new and that is exactly what we do with our machine wheel polishing that lasts three times longer than hand polishing.

    Machine Wheel Polishing

  • If you are not in the market for new tires, we are committed to keeping your tires in good shape. we specialize in tire repairs to get you back on the road.

    Tire Repair

  • Whether you are changing tires for the season or to take to the road, we want your wheels to be in excellent condition. our experts will get the job done and get you back on your way.

    Tire Balancing & Rotation

  • As an Arnco certified dealer, we can flatproof your heavy equipment tires to ensure your tires will roll right over spikes, scrap metal nails and rocks. Visit our professionals for more information on the flatproofing process.


  • Filling tires with Nitro instead of air offers a number of benefits. Nitrogen is a dry gas and when used to fill tires, increases the life of the tire and improves fuel economy. Nitrogen Tire inflation has also shown to reduce wheel corrosion, it allows the tire to run cooler and maintains tire pressure.

    Nitro Filled Tires